Financial Inclusion Initiatives of the Central Bank of Liberia focus on two key deliverables:

a.     Delivery of Financial Services

With a large portion of the Liberian population living within the rural area, Central Bank of Liberia has been focusing on means of delivering financial services to this sector of the population and integrating them into the formal economy.

b.     Enhancing Access to Finance
In recognition of the Government of Liberia’s goal of obtaining a middle income status by 2030 via the implementation of a development agenda that democratizes prosperity and ‘lift’ Liberians, the Central Bank of Liberia Board of Governors recognized that access to finance remained a critical barrier for Liberians and reached a decision to develop innovative means of stimulating the general economy through improving access to finance opportunities for Liberians to accomplish the following:

  • increasing access to medium term financing;
  • creating an environment for private sector job creation;
  • improving and empowering the Liberian-owned business segment of the economy;
  • providing needed financing to rehabilate the agricultural sector; and
  • addressing microloans loan portfolio needs

The Microfinance and Financial Inclusion Unit became a strategic conduit to the achievements of these objectives.