Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is made up of four (4) Governors, one of which is a non-voting member. Committee members are independent of management and free of any relationships that could interfere with their independent judgments. The committee meets on a quarterly basis. Members of the audit committee elect the Chairman of the Audit Committee. The terms of reference of the Audit Committee is made available to members of management. The duties of the Audit Committee includes; keeping under review the scope and results of the audit, as well as the independence and objectivity of the external auditor. The Audit Committee also keeps under review internal financial controls, risk management, and compliance with laws and regulations. The Audit Committee also reviews the adequacy of the audit program of the Internal Audit Section on an annual basis. Additionally, the Audit Committee reviews reports prepared by the Internal Audit Section in addition to the financial statements of the Central Bank.

Audit Committee Members

Membership:   Mrs. D. Sheba Brown – Chairperson,  Mr. James B. Dennis – Member,  Mr. A. Richard Dorley  – Member

Financial Stability Committee

The Financial Stability Committee formerly Banking Reform Committee is made up of the Deputy Governor of Operations, who is the Chairman, four (4) Directors and the Legal Counsellor. The committee meets on a quarterly basis. The terms of reference of the committee are determined by the main Board. The Financial Stability Committee is responsible for the stability of the banking system and promoting its contribution to economic growth and increased participation of Liberian entrepreneurs in the national economy. A reform agenda was drafted geared towards ensuring that banks are adequately capitalized with appropriate management procedures and internal controls and the Central Bank has the capacity to effectively supervise and regulate the activities of the commercial banks.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee is a subcommittee of the Financial Stability Committee, set up to strengthen the supervisory function of the Bank and ensure that commercial banks are in compliance with the banking laws, regulations and directives of the Central Bank.

Money Management and Policy Review Committee

The Money Management and Policy Review Committee is an advisory body to the Executive Governor. The committee is made up of the Executive Governor who is an ex-officio, (2) Deputy Governors and three (3) Directors. Its responsibilities include discussions of a wide range of monetary, financial and economic issues, reviewing policies and making appropriate recommendations to the Governor for smooth operation of the Bank and the strengthening of the banking system.