The department has the role of ensuring a secured and highly available information systems and technology infrastructure. It does this through a stable infrastructure, continuous availability, information security, good governance, improved service delivery.

Infrastructure Stability

  • Ensure that the local and wide area networks are secured and always available
  • Continuous monitoring and upgrading of the infrastructure.
  • Implement sound evolving IT security and operational policies with the focus to ensuring compliance with regional and global partners.

Continuous Availability

  • Develop and continuously maintain healthy network infrastructure and a reliant power backup solution
  • Ensure a highly available and reliable enterprise network.
  • Maintain an effective disaster recovery and business continuity policy guide.
  • Ensure periodic testing at the various sites to validate the information effectiveness

Information Security

  • Provide assurance regarding the security and integrity of information stored.
  • Ensure a good architecture and sound security platform for the Bank.
  • Maintain a continuously updated security platform.
  • Implement periodic assessments of the infrastructure
  • Periodic network penetration testing.
  • Periodic independent and internal assessment of the IT infrastructure
  • Enhance staff knowledge on cyber security.

Good Governance

  • Ensure IT priorities are meticulously established, aligned, and communicated through a transparent process to achieve its goals.
  • Enhance governance of IT projects and management processes
  • Establish an IT governance framework and related policies.
  • Streamlining processes to align with the governance framework.
  • Build, develop and retain a workforce to guarantee a succession plan.
  • Establish an IT Governance function within the department.
  • Implement an IT Governance Charter.

Enhanced Service Delivery

  • Improve delivery through simplified communication and end-user satisfaction.
  • Implement reliable, efficient, customized, and secure IT systems.
  • Ensure effective/efficient performance of the core business applications and services.
  • Improve communications with end-users, aimed at improving awareness about IT services.
  • Improve IT development through appropriate engagement with service/solution providers.
  • Initiate IT awareness program